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| 05/29/2015


You know that a professional website design will generate more business, bring you more customers, and is a MUST DO in today’s tech-driven society.

Oh, don’t forget that over half of online customers now shop using their mobile devise, so your website must be mobile-compatable or you could be loosing over half your prospective customers!

At Leap Frog Design Group we focus on creating clean, simple, visually-stunning websites that feature utility and beautiful design. Your website is there for a reason (to help your customers find you, to make sales, to build your email list, etc). A user-centric design is our standard approach for building a successful and profit-oriented site. After all, if your customer’s don’t know where to go or what to when they land on your website it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is – its failed in its purpose to convert visitors to customers.

Does your website need a facelift? (Or maybe a complete make-over?) Are you starting a new business and want to put your best online-foot forward? Turn your website into a money making machine that will convert prospects into paying clients. Our in-house graphic designers and writers will combine both visual dynamics and the power of the written word to create the stunning web layout you need to survive.

Below are just a few of the sites we’ve designed for our clients. Please contact us for a free quote and to talk about ways to maximize your online impact.


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