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| 01/28/2014


You need a great sign, period. A recent survey (done over 10 years) asked businesses that installed a new sign to report when they received new customers. What did those businesses say? 45% of those new customers that came into their business for the first time did so because of the sign.

A great sign creates consistent branding; every time someone drives by your business and sees your sign, you get remembered just a little more, a little deeper.

You sign should also:

  • Generates impulse purchases
  • Attracts new customers
  • Be power, bold, and simple
  • Stand out and easy to read

That last point is essential. As people drive down the road, they have only moments to see and read your sign. So you have to make it simple, clear, and direct. It has to relay the essential idea of who you are and what you sell quickly.

So how many people drive by your business every day?

There are a lot of signs out there. Most are easily and quickly forgotten. Signs like that are a waste of money and are costing you customers. But every now and then you will see a sign that grabs your attention. That’s the kind of sign you need!

Your sign works for you, day or night, for a one-time fee. Make sure that it’s the right sign for you! 45% of your new customers will or won’t come in as a result of your sign. Get in touch with us today for a free quote on your sigange layouts by clicking on the “Contact Us” page and check some of eye-catching sign layouts we’ve created below.


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